Grill Chief

Grill Chief™ is a supplier of premium quality BBQ products

Currently our two main products are Heat Resistant Gloves, available as a pair or individually

Grill Chief Gloves - One Pair

Our premium quality gloves are made with Kevlar and Nomex fibers for outstanding insulation and protection from any hot object.

These gloves are comfortable to wear and are extremely flexible and durable.

They are the perfect gloves for use in the kitchen, with oven, racks, hot pots, pans, plates, when using the BBQ, smokers and reduce anxiety and risk when handling or touching hot objects and surfaces

The thermal properties of Kevlar and Nomex fibers slow down the rise in temperature that enable objects to be handled comfortably for longer periods of time

Grill Chief™ heat resistance gloves are the perfect accessory for the BBQ and kitchen and make the perfect gift at any time. They are machine washable and will last years with a little care and attention

EN407 CertificationGrill Chief™ heat resistant gloves are tested using European Standard EN407

This is defined as:

EN407:2004 Protective Glove Against Thermal Risk


Glove Properties

  • Outer layer is flame resistant
  • Provide thermal insulation against object up to 662F (350C)
  • Silicone strips on both sides, palm and back for anti-slip grip
  • Comfortable cotton lining
  • The gloves do not protect against hot liquids

Glove Construction

  • Outer layer of heat resistant Kevlar and Nomex woven yarn
  • Inner layer of double knitted 100% cotton lining
  • Five finger flexible design for easy handling of handles and metal spoons etc
  • Both sides coated with non-slip silicone pads for superb gripping and handling
  • Reinforced cuff and elasticated wristband

Glove Size

  • Approx. 10.5 x 6.5 inches (see images)
  • Lightweight yet extremely durable (only 5 oz for each glove)
  • Each glove fits either hand, left or right

Grill Chief Gloves Diagram

Kevlar and Nomex are registered trademarks of DuPont

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